Become an Egg Donor

Dr. Morgan will discuss egg donation with patients who either have few or no eggs, or who have eggs that are of poor quality. Most commonly this is due to premature menopause, menopause or advanced maternal age.

Egg donation is a procedure where a fertile woman’s eggs are removed, fertilized with sperm, and then implanted into the infertile woman or a gestational carrier.

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Become an Egg Donor
How Much Do Egg Donors Make?

Egg donors are well compensation for their time, as the figure above illustrates. Egg donors are not compensated for the eggs they donate. Rather, they are compensated for their time.


Our egg donation program compensates potential donors beginning with the initial paperwork. So, you will receive partial compensation no matter how long it takes to be chosen as an egg donor.

To get started or to ask questions, please contact our office at (732) 363-4777. We have immediate opportunities available.

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