Costs of IVF

Once In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has been identified as your treatment plan, you will be able to meet with our in-house Financial Coordinator. The goal of this meeting is to remove any uncertainty about affording treatment and to bring into focus all financial options.

There is a New Jersey Mandate which exists to help people who might be struggling to have children start families. Depending on the insurance company, both IUI and IVF procedures are covered up to a certain number of attempts. We will contact your insurance company to find out whether you are covered for IVF under the NJ  Mandate. We do all the footwork for you.

How much does IVF cost?


Treatments can be costly without insurance, but with our discounted fertility programs, we help make these IVF procedures as affordable as we can. IVF cycle costs vary widely, ranging anywhere from $4900 and up depending on what is medically necessary, what your insurance covers (at all), the type of IVF performed, whether genetic testing of embryos is performed and how many cycles you select.

Help Affording IVF Treatment

Most important to note is that our Financial Coordinator works with each patient on an individual basis to help you afford treatment. Being a single-doctor practice, we are often able to be more flexible than larger, more "clinic" style practices that do not offer such personalized financial assistance.

IVF financial options might include:

The first step is to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr Morgan about your particular circumstances so he can develop a treatment plan for you.

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