Discount Programs

Giving back to the community we live and work in is part of our DNA.

We believe finances should never be the reason someone gives up on their dream of becoming a parent. Offering exclusive discounts is just one way we can help.

Discount Programs

We offer a variety of fertility discount programs including military discounts, Payment plans and a wide variety of ways to afford medications.


Once you've met with Dr Morgan or Dr Olcha and have settled on a treatment plan, you will then meet with our Financial Coordinator to determine which discount and package programs you qualify for. You might discuss:

  • in-house payment plans

  • discount programs, including up to $2500 off IVF

  • 3rd party financing options

  • up to 75% off medications

  • 75% off LabCorp lab work

  • 50% off IVF for military

Active military and veterans will find that Dr Morgan has a particular interest in our military, having served in the US Army Reserves for 14 years. For this reason we are happy to offer special military discounts such as 50% off in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. 

Multiple-cycle discounts and packages can be a wise choice considering most patients do not become pregnant on the first try. In 2014 national averages for IVF success were better than ever:

  • Chance of live birth with one cycle of IVF: 48%

  • Chance of live birth with two cycles of IVF: 71%

  • Chance of live birth with three cycles of IVF: 83%

Our nursing staff handles all medications and will coach you through applying for special fertility medication discount programs offered by pharmaceutical companies or specialty pharmacies. There is a very high acceptance rate for these programs and applying is very simple. 

IVF New Jersey
IVF New Jersey
Sara's Success Story

My husband and I were very discouraged when we came to Dr Morgan because we had already spent more than we expected to on 2 IUI and 2 IVF cycles elsewhere. We thought we wouldn't be able to continue treatment, but we were elated when we found out that we qualified for a discount. The people were really friendly and helpful through the whole process. - Sara T.

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IVF New Jersey
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Military Discounts
Multicycle Packages
Egg Freezing
Affording Medications

Dr Morgan holds a special regard for veterans and active members of our military, having served in the Army Reserves himself.  Learn more.

Chances at successfully becoming pregnant increase with each attempt, making a multi-cycle treatment plan attractive. Learn more.

Many insurance plans don't cover egg freezing since it is considered to be an elective procedure. Discounts and financing help.  Learn more.

Fertility drugs can range into the thousands of dollars. Take advantage of our discounts and relationships with pharmacies.  Learn more.

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