Heterosexual Fertility

For some couples, getting pregnant is just easy. It's quite common for others to struggle to start a family or add to the one we already have. In fact, one in eight couples experiences infertility.

The only way to know what is keeping you from becoming pregnant is a complete fertility evaluation by a specialist. We know what to look for and won't waste time on ineffective treatments that don't address the cause of your struggle.

Testing should be performed on both partners because more than 40% of all infertility cases can be attributed to male factors. A semen analysis is simple, quick and relatively inexpensive. We can even have the results back the same day.

On the first visit or soon thereafter, we will perform a blood test and ultrasound on the female partner to evaluate hormones and uterine condition. If nothing is obvious, we may move on to a saline wash of the uterus to look for fibroids or polyps, called a sonohysterogram (SHG), or a simple xray of the fallopian tubes to check for blockage, called a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). In some cases, an outpatient procedure like a laparoscope might be necessary.

Treatment options might include:

You must never feel rushed into a treatment plan. Each partner must be made to feel as if you're making an informed decision. So, be sure to take notes, write down questions, and communicate often with our staff.

It is important to know that our staff will check in with you multiple times throughout your treatment with Dr Morgan. We follow up with you right after your first visit, about a week later, and frequently once treatment has begun.

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