International IVF Center

Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine is sought after not only on the Jersey Shore, New York and the East Coast of United States, but throughout the America and abroad as well. 


Patients travel to our IVF practice seeking Dr Allen Morgan's expert help from locations as far away China, Indonesia, Africa, Central and South America, and Canada. 


We are able to successfully accommodate our international IVF patients through the utilization of an in-house dedicated professional personally responsible for coordination of all requirements including:

  • Communication through mobile and desktop apps such as Google Hangouts, Skype or Go To Meeting

  • Travel arrangements to nearby airports Newark, Philadelphia ot New York

  • Accommodations at nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts either along the beautiful Jersey Shore, or in New York City.

Stay close to home for as long as possible.

Once an initial consultation has occurred either by computer or telephone, and an IVF treatment plan has been formulated, our nursing staff will coordinate with your doctor at home. 

Dr Morgan may ask that your undergo a few tests before starting the treatment cycle. We want to identify any potential obstacles that may delay your IVF once you arrive at our practice. 

Cycle monitoring in the form of ultrasounds and blood work will be performed at a clinic or testing facility close to home, shortening the time at our International IVF clinic to only about 10-14 days total.

Email our International IVF Coordination Team by email at:

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