Fertility Success Rates

Success isn't everything. But, it sure feels good.

Success often cannot be illustrated by percentages. We find success in smiling faces, triumphs over struggles, and heartfelt thanks from patients we have grown to love.

When choosing a fertility clinic in NJ, you will want to take many factors into account. We are very proud to share our IVF success rates.

Read patient stories to discover whether they treat each patient's case uniquely, offering highly personalized fertility care. Some fertility clinics have a reputation for pushing patients into expensive treatments, treating patients more like a number than a person.

We love to share our testimonials and encourage our patients to share their success stories and baby photos on our website and on social media. Seeing others success is encouraging to someone undergoing infertility treatment. 

Last, you will want to investigate your doctor's online reviews before making an decision. While it is true that people re more likely to leave poor reviews than glowing ones, our reviews are chock full of success stories that we are exceptionally proud of.

We work hard for reviews and word of mouth referrals. We hope you will entrust us with your fertility care. We want to make you a success story, too.

Fertility specialist in NJ
Fertility specialist in NJ
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Fertility specialist in NJ
Fertility specialist in NJ
Rachel's Success Story

I was rejected from doing IVF at a facility elsewhere because I am over 40. They told me they would only accept me into an experimental program. Not only was I insulted, I was scared. Would I ever be able to be a mom? Dr Morgan advised me that my chances at success were much lower than a 30 year old's, but that success rates aren't the most important thing to him. The nursing staff reassured me that they would do everything they could to help me become a mom - and they did! After 2 IVF's, I switched to a donor cycle and became pregnant right away. - Rachel G.

Fertility specialist in NJ
Success Rates
Success Stories
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Our team of dedicated professionals has produced excepetionally high success rates for over 20 years. Learn more.

The best way to learn about anything is first hand. Our patients love to share their stories to hopefully inspire others.  Learn more.

Good reviews are the number one way people find new physicians today. Ours are very good. Learn more. 

We love to share birth announcements and pictures of our little miracles from when they first arrive and as they grow up.  Learn more.

Fertility specialist in NJ

"Never give up on something you can't go a day without dreaming about."           ... Winston Churchill

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